Start of a new semester

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Well its the start of a new semester . ..


This is my first posting

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Goodbye android

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After more than a year using googles android OS on my sprint epic 4g and living with a hardware and software nightmare I have decided to try out windows phone 7 for the remaining 9 months of my contract- or until apple releases the iPhone 5!

My initial impression is that OS is slick and well crafted for usability.

Unfortunately, my battery is about to die (not the phone’s fault, it came with 0 charge) so going to spend the night plugged in and tomorrow I should get an idea of how the battery holds up -has to be better than the epics measly 5 hours.

This is where we will insert the picture

The following are proposed dissertation topics I intend to explore:

  • First year teachers’ perceived attitude, value, and levels of support of technology in the classroom as viewed through the lenes of Critical Cine-ethnographic Research Methods in support of the development of a wide distribution documentary.
  • The process of creating a Critical Cine-ethnographic Research documentary for use in educational research in the twenty-first century.